Empowering schools

with effective and impactful

music teaching

Empowering schools with effective and impactful music teaching

A smart platform for teaching music and connecting teachers and students

How does Narottam help your school?

Complete LMS
Lessons & Assignments
Practice & Perform
AI-Based Feedback
Cutomized Environment

Complete Learning Management System

User-friendly dashboard for easy navigation

Centralized platform for teachers to upload and manage course materials

Comprehensive tracking of student progress and performance

Integration with scheduling tools for lesson planning and calendar management

Secure access control with customizable user roles

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Help Teachers to Create Lesson and Assignment

Intuitive lesson creation interface with multimedia support

Assignment management for homework and assessment

Option to attach audio and sheet music to lessons

Option to attach audio and sheet music to lessons

Option to attach audio and sheet music to lessons

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Interactive Learning for Students

Practice exercises covering various music concepts and skills

Virtual instruments and sheet music tools for hands-on practice

Engaging gamified elements to keep students motivated

Progress tracking to monitor skill development over time

Accessible from multiple devices for on-the-go learning

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AI-Based Performance Feedback

Instant AI-generated feedback on student recordings

Detailed analysis of pitch, timing, and dynamics

Suggestions for improvement and personalized practice tips

Continuous learning through AI-adaptive recommendations

Feedback history for students to track their progress

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Customizable Learning Environment

Fine-tune practice settings for tempo, key, and rhythm

Access to a rich library of backing tracks and music styles

Personalized metronome and tuning options

Adaptive difficulty levels to suit individual student needs

Customizable profiles for different musical instruments and genres

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Narottam enables its partner schools

by helping them...

Build relations

Foster meaningful

relations with parents

Become efficient

Achieve operational &

managerial excellence

Assist teachers

Help teachers with their

everyday activities

Schools trusts Narottam

As a music teacher, I've always aimed for excellence in my classes. This software has been a game-changer. It's given me the tools to offer personalized instruction to each student while also helping our school save on administrative costs. It's an invaluable asset to any music department.

Mr. Jyoti Singh

Teacher • Ch. Jaswant Lal Public School, New Delhi

I can't express how grateful I am for this software. It has revolutionized the way I teach music at our school. The ease of lesson planning, student progress tracking, and the vast library of resources have made my teaching more efficient and enjoyable. Plus, it's a huge cost-saver for the school. Highly recommended!

Mrs. Deepika Nagpal

Teacher • Sanatan Dharam Public School, New Delhi

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